Safekeeping Love Forever


Pawel Lorenc – ‘I do’ photography

If you are afraid of being in front of the camera, think about it this way: who is the most beautiful person to your parents? To your partner? To your children?
The answer is: you! This is simply because:

Beauty comes from the heart!

My name is Pawel. As a photographer, I am safekeeping the beauty of emotions and swift moments of life. I am doing this for you and your beloved ones.

I want to show your beauty as much as you do, so don’t be afraid of the camera, because
I am here to help you.

Based in Dungarvan, Ireland, as a photographer I took part in a number of events, shooting on location not only in Ireland, but also in Croatia, Majorca, Poland, Portugal, among others. Within my scope of work there are also fashion sessions, catwalk shows and look books for models.

Rather than have a traditional or a casual and simple pic taken, we may think together of the best way to capture a memorable moment in your life.

So when it comes to engagement & wedding, baptism & confirmation, first day of primary school or last day of university, with ‘I do’ photography you can definitely do it your own way.